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Cars that have nothing on me

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I have raced a bunch of cars since i have gotton my car and ill tell you the truth havent lost yet. I have raced Integras, 97,04 Civics, 04 RSX, Del (SLOW)sol, Prelude 2 of them, Chevy Malibu, and a Saturn Ion. The civics were like 5 carlengths, the preludes her like 4 car lengths, the saturn 4 to 5 car lengths, DEL SOL i dont know to many to count, RSX was a good race but still 3 car lengths Malibu i missed a gear and still beat him by like 10 carlengths. so there isnt much here that i cant beat but i also wont race a car that i know i will defenatly lose to thats just dumb. unles it is my friends car then i have no problem.
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Originally posted by Zygote55@Jun 8 2005, 11:05 AM
After looking it up, bluesciontc is correct...the OLD (pre-'96) prelude had an F22.
No it's not.

92 to 96 preplude had three motors.

S: f22 (slowwww, if you win this one, congrats, because that means your tc is not a lemon).

Si: h23 non vtec 160hp + 153 torque. Pretty much the same number as a tc. If you win this by a few car lengths, obviously either the driver was ignoring you, or you are just sleeping as you type. I owned this car for a while. And it picks up speed faster because the gearing is higher (60mph at 3k rpm).

V-tec: H22 (now this is H22) 190 HP. How was the taillight of this lude? I am sure you had plenty of time observing it while it kick your, hmm, whatever.

Anything after 96 would smoke a stock tc as long as the driver is aware of the fact that there is a race, and assuming he knows what to do in this situation.

This guy (bluescion) can't even type right, and this thread had gone on for pages.

Young guys do this all the time. I've heard stories of how a stock stick 95 civic dx beat a dogde viper, smoked a camaro, few minutes later kick a 'stang's arse, then ruined a M3's good night out. And they sounded ten times more convincing then any thing I've read so far.
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Originally posted by Plissken+Aug 24 2005, 07:27 PM-->QUOTE (Plissken @ Aug 24 2005, 07:27 PM)
<!--QuoteBegin-I Want A tC nOw
@Aug 24 2005, 10:00 PM
why do people lie about racing?
Because it's easier than really winning. [/b]
The hard part is to make it all make sense. Like add in something like "the other driver might had missed 3rd gear" or some other BS.

But by a few car lengths, everyone should had spotted a pinnokio.
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Originally posted by bluesciontc@Aug 24 2005, 10:36 PM
Listen here f*ucker i never said that i beat a H22 period.
Listen kid, I am not saying you beat a h23, I am saying that 92-96 preludes had a bunch of motors, and the f22 is the slowest of them all.

And I am saying your "list" is bogus. And I quote: "the preludes her like 4 car lengths, the saturn 4 to 5 car lengths, DEL SOL i dont know to many to count, RSX was a good race but still 3 car lengths Malibu i missed a gear and still beat him by like 10 carlengths."

Missed a gear and still 10 car lengths. That malibu didn't even noticing your sorry arse. If you were even in a Malibu, just by gunning the pedal it would still be pretty close to a tC (150hp, 190lbs of torque, 3000lbs). If you missed a gear, and still "won," it would be darn close. If it was 10 car lengths, then it must be a pretty wide gap between you and the Malibu, then it's obvious that the Malibu is looking for a parking spot, and not 'racing' you.

Won the RSX by 3 car lengths? Preludes by 4? Do you even realize how far in between 4 car lengths is in a race? You must be turbo with 15+psi.

Now if you can't spell, or insist on cussing, grow some nuts and smell reality and learn to talk straight.

Of course I read your other stories. To add some credibility to your stories, now you have to refer to how close you beat a prelude. So you beat two by 4 cars lengths, beat a RSX by 3, then suddenly to half a car length? If that's the case, those two preludes earlier didn't even realize you were racing them.

The reason I read and reply this thread is because someone got the Prelude engine wrong, and obviously this thread can't be left the way it is. We have to keep on digging it, just to shed some light in your other threads.
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Originally posted by bluesciontc@Aug 24 2005, 10:36 PM
Oh and who ever said my tC was stock i don't remember any one saying anything about that. I know the tC pretty well i would like to think. And the fact that you call them lies yea um none of these races are lies. If you want to think that go ahead i have a big middle finger for you. The list is real and just because you cant beat some of those cars because you don't know how to drive thats your fault.
No one says your tC is stock, only YOU failed to tell people what you done to it, if anything at all, that creates the question of how you beat a RSX by 3 car lengths, and a V6 Malibu with 150HP by 10 car lengths. When you are caught, you will have the room to say "oh yeah it's not stock." Show some dynos and maybe you'll shed some light.

Getting defensive and attack someone else's ability is the best way to divert the question at hand: that you are caught red handed and your list is as bogus as your ability to use the middle finger. Don't get all gangstah on me. Because that's just lame.

Then on the other thread where you "lost" to a H22 you had to leaked the fact that you were driving stock Potenzas. Yeah good job on the "who ever said my tC was stock" claim. Did you just did all the mods but switch back to stock tires for that race with a V-tec to show how fast you are?

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Originally posted by EddieMoney@Aug 25 2005, 05:10 AM
Ah snap, watch out for the rant. You are right on Shifter. Oh hey, shifter, did i tell you that I beat a Lingenfelter Corvette yesterday and I actually skipped 3rd was awesome
Oh oh, I got one last night, too. Last night I was in Manhattan, 7th ave going back to Brooklyn. Then I heard this loud roar, looked to my right, a yellow lambo! I know I was drawing too much attention with my Star Wars Triology blasting and my windows down. Dang, now I got a lambo who wanted to race.

So I beat him by about 10 car lengths. I think because he had a passenger.

Another major reason that I won, I think (well I am being very humble now), is because he was stranded in the lane going into the Holland Tunnel, and I was in the left lane going Brooklyn.

Another reason is because he has no idea I even existed.

Maybe the fact that there was no race whatsoever was a major reason.

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