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Cars that have nothing on me

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I have raced a bunch of cars since i have gotton my car and ill tell you the truth havent lost yet. I have raced Integras, 97,04 Civics, 04 RSX, Del (SLOW)sol, Prelude 2 of them, Chevy Malibu, and a Saturn Ion. The civics were like 5 carlengths, the preludes her like 4 car lengths, the saturn 4 to 5 car lengths, DEL SOL i dont know to many to count, RSX was a good race but still 3 car lengths Malibu i missed a gear and still beat him by like 10 carlengths. so there isnt much here that i cant beat but i also wont race a car that i know i will defenatly lose to thats just dumb. unles it is my friends car then i have no problem.
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ive beaten plenty of civics...

Drag strips- the strip was 1/8 of a mile
beaten Celica GT-S automatic by 2.6 sec.
beaten 300zx possibly manual by 0.3 sec.
beaten Maxima automatic by 0.6 sec.
lost to 98 eclipse GST manual by 0.7 sec.

winning and losing back and forth with Civic SI manual, i dont remember the time but this when i was stock and he had exhaust

On the streets -

took all civics (havent race SI yet)
beaten 300zx manual (turboed) starting 2nd gear in the rain
lost to RSX-S ( i was stock)
lost to two BMW M3's ( i was stock and other m3 i had all mods except headers...)
beaten Integra automatic 3 times ( i was stock)
beaten eclipse gs automatic 3 times but lost once (i had intake only)
lost to Sentra SER spec-v 2 times and won 1 time (i was stock and last 2 races that i won and lose i had an intake)

lost to old beamer, it was a 1/4 mile race over. it was me and 3 other friends (im not the driver) against 4 party girls in a bmw, we took off heading first all the way, after goin 70mph they took the rest all the way intill next stop light. what was funny was the chicks were laughing and dancing while we raced goin over 90mph!

all the races i mentioned was a fair races... im not gonna mention other races that were not fair...

my best time on the track was 10.25 sec. on a 1/8 mile @ 70.88 mph

oh! also these are my mods Secret Weapon-R Intake, Weapon-R Damper Kit, Redline Power Module, DC Sports Header, Short Shifter w/ weighted shift knob, OBX Racing Sports Pedal
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