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Clearing out some parts so we can start getting really serious about our project car, funds will help pay for this little moster we are creating:)

Please only make resonable offers, not giving this stuff away but not trying to get to much either:)

We have a commercial UPS account so can ship resonably, local pickup is cool but we are rather far from anywhere, just south of the OR border on Interstate 5.

Stock Radio, new in box.

AP spoiler, NIB, this is the small factory one.

"classic leather" shift knob NIB, pistol grip shape.

Matching OBS pedal covers.

Stock shift knob.

Stock front seats, mint.

Stock rear speakers.

Stock front tweeters.

Stock engine cover.

Stock battery and tray.

Stock struts and sway bars.

Stock clutch, PP and flywheel, 3k miles, not raced.

Spare tire, unused.

Stock hood and hatch, mint, AP color.

Rear optional carpet, never used(pending final decision, may need it for road trips)

Complete roof, bolts in, once we get our CF roof will no longer need this:)

Possible sale, Stock wheels, mint condition WITH, Kumho ASX tires, same size but look wider than stock, SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE all seasons, far quieter, far better handling, far smoother riding than the stock tires. Only 400 miles on them.

That is all I can think of for now.

EMAIL only please:) [email protected]


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Im interested in the cargo carpet. let me know if you decide to sell it

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Originally posted by CJandMJsMatrix@May 10 2005, 01:31 AM
hey rick, how much for the pedal covers?
what color are they? condition? thanks buddy!
CJ, I was way ahead of you on this one... I think I emailed Rick 2 minutes after he posted this thread
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