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Carbon Fiber Wheels

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i saw these carbon fiber wheels on an ebay auction. they are obviously painted to look like carbon fiber. they are for the xB. what do you think? looks good or bad?
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They look pretty cool looking.
thats not paint, its carbon fiber composite that was layed on the aluminum.
It's just for looks in the end. It should be real though.
They look okay, and would match the flint mica nicely...personally, though, I still like the factory 17's better...
yeah, I like the way they look on the xB, but I do prefer the factory rims.
Yeah, those are pretty sweet....but not for $1400...YIKES!

I mean, I love my car but seriously....hehe...enough is enough.
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I like carbon fiber when it's used to reduce weight - I don't particularly enjoy it as a decoration.
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