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Car won't crank after rebuild

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I rebuilt my 08 scion tc engine after the piston rings in cylinder 1 went out and put it all back together. after the rebuild i cannot seem to get a crank out the engine. i've tried replacing the battery and the starter but ive had no luck in getting a start. i checked all the ground wires going to the battery and all the connections are good and clean. sometimes its like the car wants to start but the starter cant seems to weak to start the car. ive tried manually turning the engine over with ratchet and it turned no problem so the engine isnt seized. does anybody know what else it could be or what else i could try to get it started? any help or tips are appreciated
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Who did the rebuild, and what was done? Was the the rod bearings changed, was the rod or rods "mic-ed", were assembly lubed used? Are the piston walls lubed? Were the bolts torque to specs. If you changed the battery and the starter motor than you have high engine resistance. Try squirting some oil in each cylinder, with all spark plugs off, use ratchet and rotate to get some oil on walls. Rotation should be very easy with no pressure.
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