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Throughout the winter I take my car to the pay-and-spray. I was it at least once or twice a month. I know the soaps and the wax's and stuff in those aren't great for your car, but I have to believe its better than the roadsalt. Often times I'll even take it through the cloth-wash. The touchless automatic washes leave a grime on my car you can tell if you wipe your finger across it.

In the summertime I wash it with meguiers wash, and occasionally put on a coat of some high quality liquid wax. I pretend I'm dainalsan. I stay away from polishes and rubbing compounds and all that jazz. I really think when it comes to that stuff "less is more". I did claybar it once but I wouldn't do it more than twice a year. So far my car has escaped most dents and dings and only really has the standard couple of rockchips on the hood. It is one year old last month.
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