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Car Speaker Upgrade

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I know this topic has been covered several times but I have a few other questions that I can't seem to get answers to.
All I can say is that I am tired of the subs taking up all that trunk space and I think that my Audiobahn with their so called paper cones are going out on me already. Interesting....I think so!

1. First off, I want to setup a component system. I am curious to know the speaker sizes in the doors as well as the ones in the back.

2. I want to know if anyone has any good recommendations on brands. I am not to fond of Audiobahn cause I have a pair of their subs and they seem to be distorting quickly.

3. I want to know if I will be having to run all new wire through the doors or can I just use the factory wiring and pump about 50-80 watts a channel to them.

4. Being that they are components, will they be close to subs? I know that they are mini subs that go in the doors but I wanted to know if I am going to be able to feel it like I can with my subs not turned very high.

5. I really just want a clean sound with up to half being bass without hearing distortion or having to worry about blowing them.

6. Where could I put the amp since I will be buying or using my current 4 channel amp.

Thanks guys.

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1. Answered Here

2. brand of choice.

3. Factory wiring is fine for the power you want to run.

4. They will not compare to subwoofers. They will give you more mid-bass, but not sub bass.

5. Use a four channel amp for the four corners, but for bass, save your pennies and run a dedicated subwoofer/amp system. Something like this maybe. Won't take up all that room your current setup does.

6. Amps can go under the seats or in the rear side panels where the rear speakers are. Check out this post.
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Thanks Alpman I appreciate all the information
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