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Car only backfires when accelerating at any rpm

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Just installed Megan racing headers on my tc1, first couple of days were fine and out of nowhere check engine light starts flashing and car was only backfiring when getting on the gas. I have an 02 sensor "bypass" but idk if it's faulty. NEED HELP ASAP
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thank you for the knowledge, would you suggest I mess with the wiring on the o2 sensor or put on a stock header? Or something else? Again thank you
Do you have any Forced Injection? Or other power adder mods or are you just doing these headers for the sake of sound? If you don't have any power adders then you are just wasting money with a Megan racing header and other stuff because the only way that you are going to get the vehicle to run right is by tuning it which could mean putting an aftermarket ECU into a N/A car which would be a stupid way to waste 500-2000 dollars. Instead, keep everything stock until the second cat and after that, you can put all the fun sound mods on the car.
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