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Car makes brrrrrp noise when stopping

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I have a 2007 scion tc. Almost everytime I come to a complete stop I have the brrrrrp noise and the brake pedal rises a bit then goes back down a bit (within a second). I have replaced the master cylinder, reservoir, brake booster, calipers, rodars, and brake pads. I don't know what else it could be. Please help!
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When stepping on the brake, does pull to one side? Is there vibration to your steering wheel? Did you change both front rotors and did you see any heat discoloration on your rotors (dark blue spots) did you bleed all four brakes to completely clean out the brake system? If all checked out ok then next thought is to check wheel bearings and tie rod joints. Your best clue is to discover where the sound is coming from.BTW, do you have an automatic or manual?
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