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car insurance

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i get my tc between now and next monday so i need to get insurance for it

i was just wonderin what companies you guys have and how much you pay

include how old you are, male/female, if you have had any accidents, and whatever else you may think of that affects the price

thanks for your help!
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TFS requires a max of a $500 deductable for comp and collision.

I switched to Ameriprise a while back. I pay about $1200 now for the tC , 4Runner (both with $500 deductables, towing, etc) and my 96 saturn, which is now liability only. This is for two drivers with three tickets between us.
^^ Just watch AAA if you ever get a ticket or two.. they will [email protected] you. My AAA went to $2600/6 mo after my second ticket in 2 years (both minor speeding tickets). They were at least double the next competitors price and way more than some others. My insurance guy was so shocked he called them and said it must be a mistake, becuase they were not even remotely competitive at that rate. They basically said that was that... tough in so many words. Needless to say I dropped them like a hot rock that day. Then had to go through hell trying to get them to realize I cancelled.. had to call them 3 times because they kept sending me letters that i would be cancelled if I didnt pay my premium. No to mention they also (at the same time they raised my rate) removed my AAA member discount because my membership expired..... 2 months before it was even due to renew. So needless to say, AAA gets none of my business any longer, period.
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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