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car insurance

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i get my tc between now and next monday so i need to get insurance for it

i was just wonderin what companies you guys have and how much you pay

include how old you are, male/female, if you have had any accidents, and whatever else you may think of that affects the price

thanks for your help!
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I just took my car up and showed it to my agent today...I'm not paying $105/ month...compared to $135/ month that I was paying on my Celica GTS... Good stuff!

O yea, I have State Farm...
Originally posted by XxWAHZAHPxPNOYxX@Jun 29 2005, 09:03 PM
i won't be gettin my tC til July 28 (birthday present) but i've been Shopping around and State Farm gave me $333 a month for full coverage and I live in San Francisco. 17/M Clean Driving Record. Turning 18 on July 28
Hey! My birthday is the 28th too!!!
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