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car insurance

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i get my tc between now and next monday so i need to get insurance for it

i was just wonderin what companies you guys have and how much you pay

include how old you are, male/female, if you have had any accidents, and whatever else you may think of that affects the price

thanks for your help!
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As a person who works in insurance. I wouldn't recommend going a great deal higher than the legal limits of liability. It's a waste of money. I would rather have lower deductibles for comp and collision (full coverage) than to have 100/300/100. It's a little much, IMO.

I'm 21 female who has a policy with my 27 bf with a horrible driving record and we pay 125.00 a month with 25/50/25 liability, 100 deductibles for comp and collision, 50/100/50 un/under insured motorist, death and indemnity (funeral costs), and personal injury protection (med payments and lost wages).

girl over 21 = lower premiums
boy over 25 = lower premiums
"youthful drivers" boys under 25, girls under 21 = expensive
QUOTE (lo bux racer @ July 6, 11:01pm)
You might want to think about that before you scoff at the worth of higher liability limits.[/b]
Well obviously I hit a soft spot with you there buddy. However I prefaced my words with IMO, if you didn't know, that means IN MY OPINION. So while I may not find myself involved in accidents with lamborghini's on a regular basis I would say that higher limits of PD (property damage- to clear up any confusion) liability would probably be a waste of money. But hey, I just live in a small West Texas town. I guess you're one of those "better to be safe than sorry" guys and no one holds that, or any of your opinions against you...IMO.
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Take this as a personal opinion-

I did not say that I recommend minimums to clients. I did say however that there are extremes. While it is true that you can never really have enough insurance to protect you against what MIGHT happen, it just all depends on how much money you're going to want to spend "cotton balling" yourself from the rest of the world.

Liability with limits of 100/300/100 are good if you are fairly well off and have assets that could possibly be jeopardized in the event of a law suit. However for normal every day Joe's, like me and what I assume you to be, who do have to worry about the cost of insurance would probably be better off with lower limits. I would feel as if I was doing an injustice to a client if, knowing their financial background, I locked them into a higher rate to protect them against a "just in case".

And for a professional opinion...I do NOT and never have recommended the lowest limits of liability.
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