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car insurance

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i get my tc between now and next monday so i need to get insurance for it

i was just wonderin what companies you guys have and how much you pay

include how old you are, male/female, if you have had any accidents, and whatever else you may think of that affects the price

thanks for your help!
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$1515 a year for three cars. '93 Supra TT, 2 x '05 tC. 100/300, $500 ded comp and collision. Includes towing, premium rental car, UM, etc., etc. It's handy to be 45 with a clean record and 16 years of coverage with the same company.
Originally posted by CandaceNicole@Jul 1 2005, 12:28 PM
As a person who works in insurance. I wouldn't recommend going a great deal higher than the legal limits of liability. It's a waste of money. I would rather have lower deductibles for comp and collision (full coverage) than to have 100/300/100. It's a little much, IMO.
You obviously haven't been in an accident with a Porsche (or anything else valued over $50k, and yes there are a lot of cars out there worth more than $50k), nor have you been in an accident with more than one injured party, and you believe you have nothing of value to lose. Some people have assets they wouldn't want to have a lien against or be forced to sell in a bankruptcy court since it is likely the only way out of a seriously high dollar settlement beyond your insurance coverage. There are very good reasons for higher liability limits for some people.

I had a friend in an at fault accident with 4 "friends" in his car in 1976. He paid a $150k+ settlement over a 10 year period. That was when minimum wage was $1.65. You might want to think about that before you scoff at the worth of higher liability limits.
No, you passed yourself off as a professional when you said you work in the insurance industry. I hold professionals to a higher standard than ordinary people.

For instance, if Alpman were to give what I consider bad advice about sound systems, I would openly question him where I would likely ignore a comment from someone who is just relating a personal experience.

If basilisk4 (Marty) gave bad legal advice (which he never does) I would call him on it because he's an attorney. Most of the time, he doesn't even comment because the law is his livelihood, and information costs money, but the times he does comment, he's always dead on the mark.

If you're working in a call center doing policy service or processing claims (but not an adjuster or an underwriter), then my apologies, you do merely work in the industry. However, if you have any kind of experience with claims adjustment or the legal implications of liability (even for property damage) and you recommend minimums to your customers because it is cheaper, you are pretty obviously inexperienced in this field. Risk management is a significant part of my profession, and a blanket recommendation for minimum coverage is not good risk management. That's not IMO, that's backed up by an entire industry.
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Fair enough. I'm a working Joe, but I count 6 numbers before the decimal in my annual and that doesn't include the wife's income. I definitely have some things to lose (protect) and at my age (45), the cost of the insurance is pretty small. FWIW, I had state minimums for a long time, but I wasn't making squat for money (the military isn't the way to get rich any time soon unless you're a military contractor) and had even less to worry about losing.

Thanks for the clarification, I completely agree.
$5k for medical goes really fast. A friend of mine broke his leg at Laguna Seca on his TZ250. It cost him over $35k. That's the only thing I would be concerned about. USAA med pay covers the occupants of your car. If you only drive alone, $5k might be fine, but if you frequently have passengers, you might want to look at raising that limit.
Sure, but you can bust $5k just getting to the hospital after a bad wreck. The ambulance ride alone is going to be close to $1k if they do nothing special to you on the way. If they do anything significant, that $5k will go faster than you'd like to imagine. I'd call USAA and ask to review your coverage, they're pretty good about getting you the right coverage for a good price (been a member since 89).
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