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car insurance

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i get my tc between now and next monday so i need to get insurance for it

i was just wonderin what companies you guys have and how much you pay

include how old you are, male/female, if you have had any accidents, and whatever else you may think of that affects the price

thanks for your help!
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Hm, well this is what I have as my coverage (I just went with the same policy my mom had, but with the addition of rental coverage as well).

bodily injury: 100/300
prop damage: 50
uninsured motorist: 100/300
medical: 5 per person
death benefit: 5k per person
essential services disability: 45 per person per week
wage earner disability: 2 family/1 guest per person per 30 days
comprehensive(sp?): 500
collision: 500

Should I have this lowered? I have a decently clean driving record (plenty of speeding tickets, but none in AL and I paid them straight up and they haven't gone on my record) with no accidents (knock on wood) when I was driving, and USAA is my insurance company...

I pay $920/6mos (rate went down when I hit 21). I live in atlanta ga and auburn al, they alternate each semester.
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Originally posted by lo bux racer@Jul 8 2005, 12:33 PM
$5k for medical goes really fast. A friend of mine broke his leg at Laguna Seca on his TZ250. It cost him over $35k. That's the only thing I would be concerned about. USAA med pay covers the occupants of your car. If you only drive alone, $5k might be fine, but if you frequently have passengers, you might want to look at raising that limit.
Only passenger I usually have is my cat =/

As far as medical costs... my mom is a nurse and my dad is a doctor. I have nothing to fear as far as that goes (went through several arm surgeries, would have cost easily half a mill total... my mom works for a surgery center so they footed the bill, she only had to pay for the materials needed in the surgery room which was under $500, and insurance covered that).
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