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Car in Port?

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I was debating between a Mazda 3 and used altima and then i saw the tC. As soon as i saw it i was mesmorized. I read up on it and saw that it was an awesome car to boot. I go to the dealership and find out that the wait is 4-6 weeks

So i order the damn thing and that was about 6 weeks ago. The car is in "the port". Can you guys give me a better idea of the port and how it will take to get the hell out of the port?

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Welcome to the site

It depends on how far you are from the port, how many cars haven't made it to the port yet that they're waiting on, how long it takes them to get it onto a truck and how many stops it has before reaching your dealership... I wish I could give you a better answer, but my guess would be a few days to a week
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When my tc was in, I was told about a week from Jacksonville to Atlanta. They had it here within 2 days. I would say a week is safe, but since you didnt put a location in your profile, its the standard guess.
Welcome to the site, eLOT! You should really get on your dealer to tell you how long it will take it to arrive from port. In any event, I've gotta say that it'll be worth the wait -- the tC is truly an awesome car.
Well i live in NY and the dealer doesnt seem to be able to give me a good answer. But he said it was in the port about a week ago so i figure REALLY soon

I cant wait . . .
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took me over two weeks to get my car from the port. i live in TN.
As far as my car was concerned (I didn't order it, I bought what was already being alocated to the dealer) it took a week to get from the port to Atlanta. This was mostly because it had arrived totally stock and needed a spoiler installed, and the other accessories to be tossed in the trunk. So yours may have arrived totally finished, ie. ready to drive off the lot. Or they may have put some of your accessories on at the port. Depending on which is the case will tell you how long it NEEDS to be in port. Hopefully it arrived ready to go and you'll be taking deliver soon. I know the wait sucks, but it is well worth the wait once you drive it home. Welcome to the site!
welcome welcome!!...

when i got the call that the car was at the port, it took exactly 6 days for it to reach my dealer. i don't know what port but my certificate of origin states that it was distributed by midatlantic toyota or something like that...
Our tC is due in to port tomorrow (Oct 22nd). The dealer tells me that all of our accessories except for the side curtain airbags (these are installed at the facotry) will be installed by the Southest Toyota Distributor at the port. We ordered a lot of extras - mp3-xm 6 disc receiver / speakers / amp / bazooka, autodim mirror, floormats, cargo net, scion security, fog lights, lip spoiler, and pedals. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get up here to Charlotte. Once it is at the dealership, they will install the TRD springs. Once we get the car, I'll update this post with the port to dealership time for future reference.

UPDATE: Car arrived in Jacksonville, FL on 10/22/2004. Car arrived at dealership in Charlotte, NC on 10/30/2004. Port-to-dealership: 1 week and a day.
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Ours came to port on October 1st.... We ordered it completely stock. We were told 7-10 days. Port is in New York.... I live in Southern Virginia. Ours came in on Oct 20th. I hope this helps.
Hey all, New to the site... Just got my tC after waiting for over a month for it. Bottom line is this. East coast port is in NJ, I don't know if there is another one but that is where my car came in at.

I DO know that they were having some computer problems in the last month in getting some of the stock parts installed at the ports. Also they were having some problems getting some cars released from port and delivered to dealerships. I know in a bunch of cases Dealerships are having cars delivered and doing most of the installs on-site.

This is what I've heard. Hope it helps at all.
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