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I love my clarion head unit, it has a touch screen and I have posted a picture of it somewhere on here, anyhow, if you are looking into future upgrades I would either go with Alpine or Clarion. I have always stuck with Clarion since my Honda because I love their reliablility and the ability to play any and I mean any cd wether it be scratched dringed or anything, they are tanks.

Plus I thought I would upgrade and get the touch screen Clarion headunit, its cool cause people are like, how do you turn up the volume and as long as you touch the top on the left the volume increases, its sweet but the down side is greasy hands. Hope this helps, some speakers I would recommend though would have to be Alpine setup, they are clear and precise. Or if you are a Clarion freak get the Speakers to like I did. Of couse I don't have Clarion Subs or Amp...wonder whats wrong with me...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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