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car audio noob looking for advice...

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ok, i am a noob when it comes to car stereos, i know nothing technical on them, but i have decided i hate the pioneer system! (just bass and treble settings? c'mon, how 1980 is that? c'mon pioneer!! geez!!)

what i am looking for is recommendation some good decent HU's that are very elaborate, somewhat basic (yes, decent and basic, i know I am asking the impossible!!). preferably i would like to be able to hook my ipod into it one way or another, but if i cant its not a big deal. single disc is plenty. any suggestions?

also, has anyone upgraded their speakers? what would you recommend?

last, is all of this too hard for a nimwit like myself to tackle, or should i just let wherever install it?

thanks for the info!

audio noob.
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The man to answer your question is Alpman.

I will offer my 2 cents (worth less than one actually), but an Alpine headunit that works with the KCA-420i (there are a number to choose from) should offer some great functionality with your iPod.
secoond that, alpine is quality at any price range from their base level to their high quality decks, i have an alpine with the KCA 420i, its prefect, never have to touch the ipod...defiantely recommend it to anyone
I love my clarion head unit, it has a touch screen and I have posted a picture of it somewhere on here, anyhow, if you are looking into future upgrades I would either go with Alpine or Clarion. I have always stuck with Clarion since my Honda because I love their reliablility and the ability to play any and I mean any cd wether it be scratched dringed or anything, they are tanks.

Plus I thought I would upgrade and get the touch screen Clarion headunit, its cool cause people are like, how do you turn up the volume and as long as you touch the top on the left the volume increases, its sweet but the down side is greasy hands. Hope this helps, some speakers I would recommend though would have to be Alpine setup, they are clear and precise. Or if you are a Clarion freak get the Speakers to like I did. Of couse I don't have Clarion Subs or Amp...wonder whats wrong with me...
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Roger, the stock HU hater...
Originally posted by zoltiz@Apr 17 2005, 10:05 AM
Roger, the stock HU hater...
Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em is all...

If it sounded as good as it does via my itrip I wouldnt be complaining....but it doesnt..
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i agree that clarion is very good, if i ever got something other than alpine, it would most defaintely be clarion
Does anyone have any of the apline units installed? I am looking at the 9825?? model so I get the ipod adapter to use it in the car as well??

anyone have that in their tc??
For iPod integration with the KCA420I iPod adapter you would need the CDA-9827 or higher head unit. The 9825 has an aux input, but you cannot use the 420I with it. It's not iPod or Sat Radio ready.
If you want a Pioneer HU check out the DEH-P770MP its a good HU that supports Itunes and is SAT ready. Price on it is about 230.00 + s/h so its not to expensive. I paid around 300.00 for my Kenwood.

Team EDA
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