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can this car hold its own

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has anyone raced their tc, or know anyone who has? I just want it to be able to beat or hang with 1.8T's... i hate those damn cars... anyone have any idea just how quick the Tc is.. i've seen the reported 0-60.. but i dont want to go buy that lol
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where is the 0-60 specs?

Better yet, what are the 0-60 specs?
I've been told 6.5sec, but saw in Consumer Reports (I think) that it's 7.something... not sure...
Those times aren't too bad, I bet with the supercharger they'd be a lot better, unless they were tested with one already equipped.
the scion's have been rumored to be .01 seconds faster than an is300 and .02 seconds faster than a civic si in the 1/4 mile...... but then again......its just a rumor
Rated at 0 to 60 in 7.0 seconds, think I saw it in Edmund's website. It's real, mine is an automatic too.
Yes it can hold its own. Where have all of these members gone in this thread?
Dude, this thread is a year and a half old.
those are OG's...this site has slowed down a little, people have converted to scionlife-ism too
How did we all respond with the same comment at the same time? We all need to get out more.
I know it was an old thread. I was just wanting to know where they have all gone.
yet you answered the question like it still needed answered. weird.
None of them answered this a year ago, so I thought that I should. Everybody should learn about the past.
This was answered about 900 times in other threads that also ended a year and a half ago.
Originally posted by filmnews@Dec 29 2005, 08:34 PM
None of them answered this a year ago, so I thought that I should.  Everybody should learn about the past.
This is just an online car forum not a world changing event.
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