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Can 2005 get the audio controls on steering wheel?

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I got my 05 AP tc a month before the 06 came out, well it was mainly because of transportation issues that i needed the car fast. Then i saw the 06's audio control on the steering wheel and i was cursing my lungs off because i wanted that so bad.. so i was just wondering if i could get that installed or if i can get the 06 HU on my 05 HU thanks
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'06 head unit works in '05; my car is this way.

We're trying to figure out how to transplant the '06 wheel onto my car now, with functional controls.

I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. You'll definitely have to replace the H/U with either an '06 model or with an aftermarket unit that supports the controls. Then you'll have to get ahold of a steering wheel out of an '06, which I'm sure is no easy task. After that, you'll probably be in need of some additional wiring. I say forget it. If you absolutely have to have it, trade in the '05 for an '06. That's probably the best option.
Btw may I add; I know someone who received their '06 with an '05 head unit in error, and the steering wheel controls worked!

how much would trade in be? does anyone know? or would i have to goto the dealer?
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