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CAI noise prob. ?

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What's up guys well having a little problem with my cold air intake its rattling against the body of the car its really annoying its been back to toyota 3X and everything they do is just a temporary problem if any one can help let me know

thanx peace
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Zip Tie the thing to something so it cant move anymore
i've tried its where the CAI enters the fender well i put a piece of rubber there and even a piece of foam nothing it still rattles its driving me crazy thanx tho
theres another topic talking about the same problem you're having. i don't remember what the title is though.
ok cool i'll look it up thanx
very easy fix, i just cut a piece of foam, about a half inch thick, and put it around the tube where it hits the body(right were intake bends downward), havent heard it once since.
sweet sounds like a plan thanx
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