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Cabin Air Filter

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Ok, so after having the car for three months I decided to check how is my cabin air filter doing... Guess what - I don't have it. All I have is an empty tray.

Check yours. I have a feeling that I'm not an exception here...

The filter is behind the glovebox, above the heater. You'll see the tray clips once you take off the glovebox.

Should we start a groupbuy?
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ya know i havnt checked but i doubt i have one seeing as i always smell whats out side. Vents opened or not.

as far as a group buy, if we are supposed to have this souldnt toyota install it for free?
I heard dealers saying that it's not supposed to come with the car. But I'm pretty sure I can squeeze a free one from my dealer... Or another dealer that owes me a bunch of favors...
I didn't have one either, but I just went and bought a nice filter (3M 1250) and then cut it to size. It was $15 for the filter and I can get AT LEAST 3-4 cuts from that once peice.

The filter is rated the best by ConsumerReports, and it makes car smell so clean. Not to mention the cost... I mean, the dealer wanted about $20-$30 for just ONE filter, that's insane and I'm sure it's not as good.

Oh well... that's my input though...
interesting.. im gonna have to check that.. but hell.. i dun even know how to take out my glove box!!!..
i tried once when i went to adjust my security sensitivity but it wouldnt come off and i didn't want to break it... i did manage to adjust my security but the glove box never came off!!!!>..

so how does one take off the glove box? and i've read the security install manual and the arrows on how to take off the glove box don't help.. so a nice verbal tutorial would be very appreciated.
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The 3M filters are made for what purpose? I mean is it made for the home, the air filters people have, etc.??? Where should I look to get one?
Home depot / lowes in the section with home air filters. There are a lot of them. I'd say too many.
The 3M filter is made for the home... I got it at Home Depot for a little over $15. The model I used, 3M 1250, was excellent in Dust Removal, fiar in smoke removal, and good in air flow resistance according to ConsumerReports... and it's their top rated one. I know it may be a little overkill, but it's the same one I use in the home and I figured that if I get 4 uses for $15 (change every 3 months) then it's not that bad...

Ok, I'll stop my rambling... LOL... let me know if you need more info.

- Andrew
^^^ Thanks.... thats good enough. I just needed to know where to go to buy it...
Ok... went to home depot today and picked up the 3M one. It was 15.97 or something and it was big enough to get 6 filters. What I noticed was that the smaller ones cost the same... so I bought the biggest one they got which was a 20 x 25. Overall it was a real easy install... took only a few minutes.
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Yeah, no filter on my car either. I'll have to get one... but i'm not going to get it from the dealership. The way I see it, is if they dealership is too cheap to include it, then why should I give them the business? I'm going to home depot!
i wanted to revisit this and see how your filters are holding up? did they restrict the air speed coming from the vents?
Just curious how much we actually need one of those filters. I've got one of those ionizers that I plug into the 12V socket...takes care of smells pretty well.
Filter helps a lot with dust in the cabin - keeps everything cleaner (including your lungs).

Oh, I got the filter from an Echo in mine - took the tray to the dealer and they found a filter that would fit.
Used a corolla filter I trimmed in mine and stuck a couple of dryer sheets in with it.
Keeps the car smelling nice.
nice, getting creative. I have to get around to that too. It's way too often that I drive by a school bus with windows/vents closed and my cabin is full of the exhaust smell.
I tried dryer sheet in my matrix once - the scent was so strong that I took it out pretty fast. I guess it depends on the brand
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That's funny! I just stuck a dryer sheet under the seat when I got home today. Now, I'll have to remove my glove compartment and insert a filter this weekend...or...that ionizer thingee, where did you get it?
Originally posted by zoltiz@Feb 14 2005, 12:46 PM
I tried dryer sheet in my matrix once - the scent was so strong that I took it out pretty fast. I guess it depends on the brand
The scent was incredibly strong for the first couple of days, but it mellowed out and now the car just smells fresh.
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