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im an idiot, and i was careless. i had one blue LED left over, and was anxious to do something with it. i wanted to change the "light on" of the AC button, so when AC is on, its blue rather than amber; it only makes sense. well being careless, i unscrewed the pcb on a table, which in turn cracked the LED (i think LED) clock screen. now theres a blot of ink in the clock, which is also interfering with the heat/AC fan meter; you know the meter that displays level of heat/AC being blown out.

anyway, it doesnt bother me all that much, because i assume the LED screens are relatively cheap. does anyone know where i can get a new one, other than toyota as of now? if it comes down to it, i will pay the money to toyota for one, but i figure i might be able to find this somewhere else? whats the compatibility of something like this?

looks like i will have to unsolder the LED screen from the pcb, but my soldering skills have been up'ed since i put in the LED lights. please help me, the blot is slowly turning into an eye sore.

ps. doesnt the AC blue look cool?

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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