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BSP Pictures

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After many hours of struggling and slaving over a nice cool car, I bring to you a well kleend car, I hope you like the pictures as I love the car. Comment of course are always welcome...

I have my 19s that I am going to put on just haven't found the time, but of course I took about 2 hours on this baby I could have put them on then huh...oh well

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looking good!
i woulda got that color but keeping them clean is a bitch
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Looks really good!

I can't keep mine clean.. I park in a lot at my apartment complex.. they have sprinklers and construction going on all the time!
Not a good combination -- but, don't worry.. that doesn't mean I won't keep trying!!

It kills me to see a dirty tC.. esp. when it's mine!! I can't wait to have a garage!

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