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Brand New TC Owner

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I bought an 06 Azure Pearl Tc on the 4th of July and I love it....

My dumb*ss doesn't know how to drive stick (which is what I bought) haha, so yesterday after I drove off of the lot and all of today my BF has been giving me a manual transmission crash course. I think I've picked it up ok so far, but we will see tomorrow when I fly solo to work!

Anyways, I'm glad I found this site, so I know there are people out there who love their cars as much as I'm loving mine...though I do sorta miss the Celica GTS I traded in for it!
Anyways, I'll be posting pics as soon as I get them scanned... then more after I get the tint, security system, and spoiler installed this weekend.

k, lata!
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congrats! good luck driving to work tomorrow.
avoid hills!
Originally posted by Ericgladden55@Jul 5 2005, 11:01 PM
avoid hills!
I know!! I am so scared, cuz I have to park in the parking garage
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Girl i feel you on that one coz i am getting me a 5Sp tC also and i sorta know how to drive a stick but my only problem is getting to the friction point in the 1st gear...i be puttin in sumtymes too much gas and da car usually rev up and take off hella fast and i live in san francsico so you know i have so much hills up in here...well good luck and tell us da experience the way congrats on the new tC!!!!
Congrats on your new tC and good will pick up on driving stick just fine...and soon enough it would become second nature.
Congrats on the buy! Manual isn't that hard, the biggest barrier is the mental one. What you should do is go to a huge hill out in the middle of nowhere so you don't have to worry about traffic. Go halfway up it and learn how to start on the hill without rolling back. Remember, there is no shame in using the e-brake on steep hills to keep from going back (just remember to take it off when you start to get going)!

And good to have another female member (at least I'm guessing so since you said your boyfriend
), I'm sure the other females on the board are glad to have you as well!
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I have no shame... i use the e-brake even on small inclines... either that or i heel toe
congrats, and welcome to our site. hope you find us useful, and pleasant enough...
Congrats on your new car! You picked a great color!
Congrats and such. I learned stick on my new tC too. Give it two weeks and you'll never look back. Excellent choice on the color. Ladies in AP tCs have a special place in my heart.
I'm hoooooooome! Thank goodness. Ride to work was smooth cuz i left an hour early and there was no traffic. 5 o clock rush hour on the way home was a different story. I've never been so scared driving in all my life. I did not stall out though. That is key! Haha... Traffic sucks...specially when you dont know what the heck ya doin! But I did make it home alive, which is a good thing!

Thanks for the welcome, peeps! I'm glad to be here. About to scan some pics of my ride, pre-spoiler & tint.
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Glad to hear dat you got home safe....
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