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Brake Pedal Might Have Problem?

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So ive noticed this on other cars, but they were OLD cars, not new cars. Everyone can try this out for themselves to see if this is on every car or just mine. If its only on mine, I would like some help on how to fix this. Keep in mind I think that the stock tC's pedals are quite small, so can someone suggest an easy install stock looking pedal that is just wider?

Heres what happens. While holding down the brake pedal with your right foot (as usual while driving) if you move your leg a couple inches to the left of right, you can see and feel the brake pedal moving a little bit from left to right. IMO I wouldn't think this should be on purpose, I would think they would like all the brake pedals to be sturdy and strong. In this case it doesnt move DRASTICALLY just a small amount, maybe 3-4 CM's. But still enough for you to feel the distance of it moving.

Is this normal?
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Okay, so im not crazy.. Do you think it does this on purpose? Cuz I almost feel like I might break the pedal or something..?
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