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Hello everyone,

I have an 08 Scion TC with a brake light bulb intermittently working. I found out by being pulled over :( The officer said it was sometimes working, sometimes it wasn't. I got home and verified that was indeed the case.

Anyway, I get some replacement bulbs and referred to the owners manual which socket to pull out for that bulb. Well, there is no bulb in the socket, but there is a wiring harness of some kind plugged into the socket where the bulb should go. I am the second owner and purchased this car in 2012 with no issues till now.

The original owner had some janky LED system hooked up to the headlights, but I removed that and went back to conventional. I am assuming he has done something in the rear as well? There is 3 spots for bulbs and 2 of them do have bulbs except for the brake socket which as mentioned has s small wiring harness installed.

Think I could pull that harness out of the socket and replace it with a conventional bulb or could that damage something else?

Appreciate any help
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