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brake kits on tC (pics)

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For those of you who have not seen this yet, this is an AEM brake kit for a late-model 00+ i believe Celica GT-S.

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That looks real hott! But AEM big brakes = BIG BUCKS!
well that kit in there looks like its just bigger rotors, which won't be that expensive, but a real full big brake kit (caliper adapters, stainless lines, 4-6pot calipers, rotor hats, rotors and installation hardware) would cost upwards of 2k. Check out
Yeah, i'd rather just get the rotors, but I'm not sure if i'd go with AEM if I did brakes. I'd probably look into Baer or Wilwood...
hi guys, i really want a big brake kit or somethign to make the wimpy breaks look better, but i read in Car and Driver: Boost, that if not properly designed, the kit could actually reduce stopping distance rather than help it, which companies make kits that are tested correctly and actualyl help rather than reduce performance, also will bigger brakes make for a sticky ride?
pham, i think you're confused. reducing stopping distance is good, but you are correct- if a kit is improperly designed, your stopping distance will increase (i.e. it takes more time for you to come to a complete stop) and that is bad.

wilwood and brembo are two of the biggest aftermarket manufacturers for big brakes; these are the ones that are made for racing applications so they have to be well made. aem is a pretty popular aftermarket performance company, but they do not specialize in brakes- i would say they are more well known for their CAIs and engine management system.

As for a sticky ride, I'm not sure what you mean, but bigger brakes will make for a quicker stop.
those look hot!!! barely fit too.

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ycart brings up a good point; when going big brakes you also need to consider the size of your kit, because you need to make sure your rim will accomodate it appropriately.
They say that pretty much any 17" rim or bigger will be big enough to house up to a 13" rotor... which is plenty big. I'd think that a rotor of that size would require different calipers also which is where the big bucks lie. I could be wrong though... the stock calipers may work.
well if you get rotors bigger than stock, you need adapter brackets for your calipers so they can mount properly on the rotor. the aem brake kit pictured utilizes stock calipers with just a bigger rotor.

my supra runs wilwood 6 piston brakes with 13"x1.25" vented and slotted rotors
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Originally posted by JZA70@Aug 9 2004, 03:22 PM
ycart brings up a good point; when going big brakes you also need to consider the size of your kit, because you need to make sure your rim will accomodate it appropriately.

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tire rack has new rotors for the tc, stock diameter. There powerslots only they've been cryogenically frozen, the difference is about 30 bucks per rotor but sound like a pretty good deal. They show pics on the site after track use compared to stock powerslots.
You can have the OEM rotors cryo'd for $20 to $30 per rotor too. Here's a link to the Performance Marketplace, a great one-stop shop for racing parts and services. Find someone local to you to reduce the shipping cost.

OEM rotors are a LOT cheaper than Powerslots even with cryo-treatment.
really. thanks for the info. What about heat dissipation though, given the fact that the car in auto form weighs about 3,000 lbs and has sub 11 inch rotors, aren't there warp issues?

I'm a newbie come today, I finally pick up my car Tuesday and one of the main reasons I bought my car was of all the positive reviews, especially from this site, I might as well pay my 20k to the webmaster.
I accept paypal, money orders, or wire transfers

congrats on the car!!
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so you do the cryo's for the stock rotors? do you have more info?

as far as the new ride, thanks, I've been a honda/acura loyalist for 11 years now and the only other car I thought about was a 04 tsx, but for 25k for a year old model it's not worth it.

honda has gone totally soft and the only comparable model(exluding the civic si because it's a minivan looking piece of crap), the rsx base model is the only thing close and it's about 5 grand more for a lot less equipment.

the exhaust went on my integra and I had put aside 500 bucks to replace it, and I went to test drive a 05 indigo tc and fell in love, so I plunked down a 500 buck deposit(the integra and it's exhaust be damned).
There's not much to say about cryo treatment. It works, it's cheap, and if you have issues with burning up rotors, it makes a significant difference. The only time you wouldn't cryo the rotors is if the OEM rotors are so cheap you can replace them three times for the cost of cryo treatment.

Cryo typically triples rotor life, regardless of the designs or patterns cut into the disc. All the Supra guys I know who do track days swear by it. Andi Baritchi, fourth place in his debut One Lap of America in his Supra, swears by it. Even gunsmiths acknowledge there is a benefit to cryogenic metal treatment, and they're the most picky metallurgists you'll ever find.

Not much else to say about it except do it.
thanks lo bux, I have had warp problems in the past w/ the hondas I've owned and felt with this cars weight it might be an issue, I'm definately going to take your advice.
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