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Boston Scion Enthusiats!

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Guys/Gals, I see a lot of Boston area Scion tC owners and enthusiats. How about we all post here for a couple weeks........and get as many people as we can to get a meet up and running? I think that would be awesome. So post up your location etc..

Im from Uxbridge, MA.......its down near the RI border
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out of somerville, MA

will be at the boston rally this weekend.

Azure Pearl tC.
Im in Boston....lets organize a meet when we get more than 4 people haha
Yo its my first post... Wa up everyone!
21.m Flint mica in Shrewsbery Ma.

I've only saw one other TC in my town it blue... A meet and great would be awesome.... Keep me in the loop...
Silver Mica Boston MA here.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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