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bose vs. pioneer vs. sony?

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ok... i've gotta choose some speakers..... any thoughts? i'd prefer bose, but with the pioneer hu (and YES, i'm keeping the stock one... getting an amp, but keeping the hu) would pioneer be better
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Bose car speakers are OK, but realistically you have better options. I am not a fan of pioneer speakers off amplifier power, they tend to lack mid bass. It really depends how much money you want to spend. A good choice would be Kappa Perfects, Polk Momos, Eclipse, Focal, and then Alpine Type Rs (what alpman is running, i am working on getting the same speakers installed). Here is my general synopsis of each:

Kappa Perfect - Amazing speaker, awesome mid bass, a little pricey and power hungry (100 rms)
Polk Momos - Quality high end speakers, a little too much tweeter
Eclipse - Same as Polk
Focal - Very clear speaker, not so great mid bass, power hungry
Alpine Type R - Very similar to both Polk and Eclipse, just a more balanced speaker with good power handling

I have used everything in that list except the focal in one of my cars. If you can afford it the Kappa Perfects are the way to go, but you will spend a lot getting an amp to power them. Alpine Type R's would be my suggestion for a good all around speaker.
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LOL.. having the money to spend, and wanting the money to spend are two different things... how much do the alpine's generally run?
oh, and what do you think about rockford fosgates for subs?
Don't bother upgrading the speakers without upgrading the HU. It will be a waste of time and money.
Well he is getting an amp, but i personally think he should be getting a new head unit too. I tend to find Rockford Subs cheap and over produced. Rockford, in my mind, hasn't made a quality product for 4 or 5 years. Just check out for retail prices and stuff, sometimes you can find a better deal at a local stereo store, but you are going to have to go through an authorized retailer if you want a warranty.
My ex-roommate has these following components for his audio ('02 RSX):
JL e1200, JL e2150, JL 12W3, Alpine 9830, Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Components, Sony XS-V1630A Coaxials, Dynamat.

The sound is VERY clear. When he bought the car, the previous owner installed tweeters. The JL subs pack a strong punch but it was costly. If you lived in FL I'm sure he wouldn't mind letting you 'experience' his system.
Yah, i had 3 sets of Infinity Perfect 6.1s and 6 Perfect 12.1s in my old buick, all with JBL Power, it sounded so clean and crisp even at full volume.
always say no to sony car audio.....unless its free and even then i would still avoid dad has a set of xplode components in his civic which sound good but for the money you can do SOOOO much better...

and fosgate is alright for subs but again for the money you can do much better*

* both fosgate and sony seem to have fallen victim to the fact that they have become trusted names in audio and once they achieved that status both seemed to lose that quality and reliabilty that brought them to the forefront of our minds when thinking of upgrading our audio systems....

just my opinion

oh and i have a 2 year old fosgate power series amp and it is amazing, i just think that the low end of fosgate has drastically deteriorated (by low end i mean punch series) because for all of u car stereo fanatics i assume u will agree that the fosgate Power HX2 is one bad ass sub

again, just my opinion
well my biggest problem IS going to be money.... unfortunately...
polk, infinity, or alpine both ends of their line are quality....i have always loved infinity...such a crisp sound for the price
what are some of the best quality subs for the most reasonable price?
i will always say kicker, but also consider MA audio...thats what just came to mind but just read reviews and u can always toss ur considerations on here and we can attempt to advise you in the right direction
Originally posted by basilisk4@Aug 2 2005, 08:41 PM
Don't bother upgrading the speakers without upgrading the HU. It will be a waste of time and money.
^exactly. . . i swapped my head unit w/ an Eclipse and the sound improvement was like night and day. you can spend $1000 on speakers but if the signal going to them sucks, they're going to sound like crap. the stock speakers are actually pretty decent.

but to answer your question, check out eclipse point source components. i had them in my last car. they're the best speakers i've ever heard in the that $150-$250 price range.
im doing my car with a full Ma Audio speaker setup, and Eclipse Navigation System, and i havent chosen my headrest setup yet. Yes, my parents are helping me with the monitor pricing, but i bould the sound equipment.
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