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Bored this morning, painted calipers

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Well, I was bored this Saturday morning, so I decided to go to the store and buy some paint and shoot the ol' brake calipers. I was going to paint them black, but I saw that Duplicolor makes some wheel paint in a mettalic graphite that I think looks great on my black sand pearl car. I am thinking that you flint mica guys would have a very close match of color if you got this graphite. Anyways, heres a pic of the completed brake. What do you think? Waste of time? Or cheap mod (paint was like 5 bucks)?
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looks better than the mold-type color we have stock! nice job:) - t
whats the best way to paint the calipers and what kind of paint should I use?
Looks good. And you can really use any kind of paint. You should plan on doing them every year anyways, because of the heat, the paint dulls very quickly. There is real caliper paint made... but its not worth the money. Just take your time with them, and do a few thin coats, rahter than one thick one. But anyways, brakes look great man. Welcome to the site!
Looks good nice clean and simple, I will be painting mine just trying to decide on accent color for the car.
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