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Body Kits 56K unfriendly

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Body Kit Thread.

I Hope that this thread will be the center for exploration on body kits for the Tc.

I encourage the following:

1) Anyone with a kit on their car to post a few pics here.

2) You should ALWAYS consult with the manufacturer to verify fitment before purchasing.

3) You should also perform a search here to see if anyone has or has had experience with a particular bodykit (aero / body kit) your interested in.

4) Any problems with shipping or extreme delays in kits be noted here as well. not to degrade the company but that way others can know incase they ordered a kit from the same company.

5) If you see a body kit or component not listed here feel free to post the image.

With that said I'll start adding the kits as I find them.

Obsidian Series

Kaminari Aero Race Package - FRP

Vizage (looking for more pics/info)

AIT Wide Body

Carbon Fiber Touring Wide Body Kit (8-piece w/ Fender Arcs)

Urethane Touring Body Kit (4-piece)

Kaeon Style (just front bumper replacement)

OK all of them are on photobucket .... all better now
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the vizage kit didnt come out yet.
The AIT widebody kit's front bumper looks like an

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Use PhotoBucket and not GeoShitties.
LmAo all your pics are gone
the kaeon is cool looking and the AIT wide body but would I ever get those most likely not, only if they were free more than likely
Buddy Club 2 Kit available at Creative Compacts:
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^^ thats really clean too
You should post the materials of each kit. We only use poly-urethane when creating a kit.
I've seen polyurethane sag over time. What do you do to prevent this?
I will get the information on here after finding the true kit contains of the kit. I just recently say a "Carbon Fiber" wing, rear deck and bumpers for my car, in the information it said it was all 100% carbon fiber, though when looking at the kit it was mostly abs, not even fiber glass which was injected into molds, the "100% carbon fiber" was the brand of sticker a sticker that the put on it.
i love those wide bodykit!!!
but dun u have 2 like extend ur axle too?
Originally posted by vtecKiller@Sep 25 2005, 07:54 PM
i love those wide bodykit!!!
but dun u have 2 like extend ur axle too?
No, but you'd have to get lower offset, wider wheels & tires and you'd have to remove, roll and/or cut your wheel wells/stock fenders.

Originally posted by [email protected]@Sep 25 2005, 07:40 PM
where can i purchase the AIT wide body kit?

thats where i get all my kits from.
Sorry about not posting what kits are made from what materials. I have had a long run with bad luck. From breaking a tooth to last minute moving issues. not to mention trying to have my girlfiends Tc long enough to make a custom box. though i do promise to have the list started by the end of the week, it might not be complete but I will start it. once again sorry for the long delay..
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