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Blown motor....xD

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Well I was coming home from work today and stopped at a red light...A civic pulls up next to me, the driver [young asian kid around 16] rolled down his window (I did the same) and he was asking me "howmuch" did that Camry run you???...I was like 20g's...He laughed and revved at me...So when the light turned green we hit it...He pulled on me by about a car and I heard something go BOOOOOM...then it got all smoky...All I know is that it wasnt my car...His car slowed down dramatically to a stop...I cruised passed him and then I made a U turn and came by to see what happened...He had just blown his older brothers freshly swapped h22 (prelude) motor...I talked with him for a bit and he was so mad and scared so I left the sceen...I lost the race but didnt lose the motor...
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A fool and his money are soon departed. I love instant karma.
Time to skip town...that's going to be hard to live down.
You know the civic driving fool will come up with some elaborate 2f2f racing story involving Vin Diesel and a quad turbo'd v18 supra-gto-enzo-atron that he was totally spanking until his piston rings on his h22 disolved from all the NAWS and danger to manifold warnings going off.
He thought you were driving a camry? you were in your tC right? ummm...
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Sweet. I guess he won the race.
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u must be laughing at that guy when his engine blow.haha, great story.
He thought you were driving a camry? you were in your tC right? ummm...[/b]
I think the guy in the civic was actually insulting him. Because you know, the tC and the 4cyl. Camry share the same engine. Of course the tC's is geared much more aggresively :]
My camry engine owns yours.
Serves the kid right.
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Yeah this kid came at me in a cocky way...I was tired coming home from work...He had no right to just revv at me...

About him calling me a camry, he was insulting me...He won the race but lost his license or trust form his brother I bet...

He was claiming the car was capable of mid to high 13's (Im sure it "was" the way he took off on me) but I guess he wont get a chance to run it with that motor anyway...I know he blew his motor maybe by overevving and trying to powershift, tiz what he told me....
That is an awesome story. i wish i could have seen the look on his face. damn, i wish there was a video of it. oh well. this story reminds me of an old saying. he may have won the battle but cleary he lost the war, and by war i mean his freshly swapped engine hahahaha....
well i wouldve turned around to help him also but with a sh!t eating grin i wouldve looked at him and asked.... so how much was that motor swap? or i wouldve went with the....welp you won yes but atleast mine still runs.
You should draw a picture Like I did in my racing thread

Donna: my camry engine owns Your MOMS!
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i should add your mom to my victim list. hahaha
That is a great story. Like Kurker said...Instant Karma ROCKS!!!!
This kid was only about 16 yrs old...I didnt want to come back and insult him or anything also because he was already in enough trouble as is...I wanted the cops to get there asap to see what would've happened and the see him get into some trouble but hey, I was the one who raced him so maybe some people couldve been pointing fingers saying who he raced...This kid deserved what happened to him...

h22a=$2600 motor w/tranny (average)
custom mounts=$500(estimate)

so you go and blow 3k just like that...........
so you go and blow 3k just like that[/b]
quite literally too, no doubt.

that really really...really blows for the kid, but i cant help but laugh at his misfortune. his comments and then what couldnt plan it that way
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Yes yes, I scoff at his mis-fortune as well.

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