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Blown Engine doin 127mile

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Dude, I sh!t my pants watching that. Holy crap!
That is just f'in retarded. 120+ speeds on a poorly paved 2-lane highway in the middle of traffic...

wow, none of u seen the original vid?
either some one jack the vid and redid it or they did it
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What's the original video? I'd hate to give away the ending of the one I saw...
LOL awesome
omg, fck dude, tat sh!t is scary

i hate this kind of stuff

u juss ruined my nite
Yeah I hate those videos.
Old... It's been posted on SL for a couple weeks
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i just saw it, but who did it?
lol... the girl behind me just jumped in the computer lab here at school... with no sound! i assume there's sound.... cuz i didn't even flinch
lol wait.. i'm editing my orginal post so no one knows..... the ending...
I took the original video in my buddies tC. The traffic was light, the road was open, and there was a need for speed.

This video with the retarded screaming at the end is .... uh, retarded. I submitted this video to YSTC in a post a while ago. The one you just saw is altered and dumb. *shrug*
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I'm going to spoil it for you...

This is how the ending goes...
No, vtec....I thought he was pretty clear about not editing the vid.
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