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blk cherry 06 tc

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Here are the spoiler, shifter and pedals that were upgraded. Looks a lot different than when it first arrived. I have also put the Hotchkins bar on along with blue Xenon headlights. Happy TC'n everyone

PS I should have ran a vaccum through it before I took the pics..
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Nice pictures and yep i got a black cherry scion tc...however...its an 05 so i dont have the wheel controls or the dial for volume...=(...but i have a lip spoiler with the obx shiter and the sports pedals.. CAR LOOKS the challenge..keeping it =).

and here is a front pic....the fog lights are alright and i still have to get back my silver grill back..i might just replace the whole any who... great car. =)

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Nice ride, looks cool, both rides looks good
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Nice and clean!!
nice car
nice! first time ive seen a bra on a tC.

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