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Black Scion Bronze rims

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Well i want to see what a black tc will look like with bronze rims. Anything would help. thanks
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Search! I saw it yesterday somewhere! Image Gallery??? Member Pics??? Sorry! I don't remember!
yea, it was right in this same section, but i'll help you out...jus search next time..

its really ugly imo
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i like it! those wheels are hot! wait, that is from the thread i started! lol
dude wtf why would u say that is ugly?! ur crazy! that's hot....
Hey man i got a 06 BSP with bronze 5zigen's u want to see them
Originally posted by Super Tc@Dec 4 2005, 08:10 AM
Hey man i got a 06 BSP with bronze 5zigen's u want to see them
I would like to see please...
here are super tc's pics.

definitly made me think twice about what color rims to get. i had my mind set on gunmetals on my bsp, but now i'm on the fence..
i like it too, but then i'm a big fan of the wrx with them. if i get rims, they're definitely going to be bronze or gold.
Hey super...what size are your rims?
Hey Super, your rims are rusting...
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