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Bird crap messed up my paint

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Hey guys! Got my tC about two weeks ago. The area where I park my car is bird crap central, and my car got bombed on Friday. Wasn't able to give it a wash until today (Sunday) and the bird crap was so acidic it ate away at my clear coat!

I am so pissed! The damage is very noticeable with Flint Mica. Would probably be less noticeable with lighter colors.

Seeing as it's inevitable that my car will get bombed again in my neighborhood, I'm not going to do anything about it right now, but do you guys have any suggestions on what to do? I tried waxing it today but the bird bomb stains are still there.
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wow is that possible?? i mean i've had some bird doo doo stories of my own, but never ate away at the paint..
For starters go to and get your self some SSR1, SSR2.5 and some natty wax. Now go to Sams Club or BJs and buy some microfiber towels. The SSRs will get most of the stain out. The natty wax will make it shine nice. Oh.. Buy some Bird crap remover from PBs. Have fun... Use the 2.5 first and then the SSR1.. It will work.
Well, it's possible with the birds in my area, apparently. The places where the bird crap was have left a dull stain so it's not shiny in those areas anymore. Waxing didn't help.

Thanks for the tips Merc, I'll try that.
try buying some really good wax and just try to buff out the stain
i would be very surprised if the stain is perminent (sp)
good luck
I bought some mothers carnauba wax today and spent a good 2 and a half hours trying to buff it out. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference at all. The rest of the car is really shiny, though!
maybe some touch up paint fromt he dealership?
Not sure that touch up paint would help since the actual paint is ok. It looks like it's just the shiny clear coat that has been eaten away.
You don't have to wash your car right away but you DO have to wipe off the sh!t. Consider it lesson learned.
Do you think that Merc's suggestion of using super swirl remover and polish is worth trying, or will even that not work?

Is getting it repainted the only thing that will fix it ?
I dont think polish or any kina cleaner will work. I had the same #### happen to me this past week. I polished my whole car front to back n wasnt able to get it out. looks like the bird crap ate through the clear coat. Im gona have mine re-painted when i paint my body kit...
This is all I do. I put a wet towel on the bird poop, let it soften it and after a few minutes, I remove it and wipe it off. If you can see an outline, I gently pour water in that area, wipe it down, then use a touch up wax, just to make sure its all off.

I'd rather have water lines and all that on my car, then bird poop. And get it off asap. You don't have to wash the ENTIRE car, for one spot. Trust me, you'll learn to live with the wet spots, versus a bird poop spot.
you can always get a bird poo remover from pep boys..
Dude,, swirl removers have mild abrasives in them and will remove some of the clear coat. I am pretty sure that the crap did not go all the way through the clear coat finish. Try some meguiars scratch x.. might work
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