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bigger alternator

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im going to be gettin a 2000 watt amp for my subwoofers in my tC and i was told i would need a second battery or a bigger alternator. i dont want to take up the room to get a second battery so i decided im going to get a bigger alternator. does anyone know where i can get one that will fit without having to go to the dealership? do i ever really need a bigger alternator?
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Try Alterstart, they've been a good source for Supra owners, and their high output units are cheaper than OEM from Toyco. You'll need to call them tomorrow, they don't list anything for Scion or even Camry with the 2AZ engine on their website.
Uhh just letting you know those Volfenhag amps do NOT put out clean 2000 watts and they aren't even neither putting out that much power, plus our alternators are already strong enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at them.
You do not want or need a second battery unless you like to sit and listen with your engine off for awhile, then it is a drain on the alt to try and charge them back up.

The stock alt is fairly decent, you really do not need one, costly as well.

2nd the amp ratings, no offense meant but that is a lower end amp and they generally over inflate the true outputs.

You should be fine with stock alt and if you wish a better battery but he stock on is of good quality. I would get something like an Odyssey 1200 if upgrading, it is very compact, reliable and has the ability to be deep cycled.

im getting an MA Audio 3600W amp, will i need a bigger battery or altenator?
alternator to drive that puppy, you can get them rewound tighter for a bigger amperage I think....not an expert in this field but a bigger batter will not really help in the long run from what I have been reading here
You are correct, goldenchild. The battery will do nothing....the amp runs off the alternator unless you are listening while the car isn't running.
In most cases you should be ok with the OEM unit. If you are going with very high amp levels you can probably find a larger one to help you out. Another option would be to look for a smaller alternator pulley to spin the OEM alternator faster than stock thus making more power. Aftermarket pulleys are usually lighter in weight and also look better than stock for the bling bling crowd! NST, is making some crank pulleys and I have heard there may be other pulleys in the works. Good luck
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can i fit a second alternator into my tC?
why not jus pay 1k and get a new one?
Why pay $1k when more than likely Alterstart can hook you up for less than OEM retail?
well i didnt know that
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