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Best way to clean leather?

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I am just wondering what is the best way to clean leather? i don't need to yet but if the day comes i want to be able to clean my steering wheel without ruining it. that is the only leather thing in my car but i heard that using just water to clean leather and remove dirt and stuff is not a good idea and will ruin the leather. there are shrinking problems and stuff.
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Q. What is the best way to clean leather?

A. Finished leather should be cleaned lightly with either a damp cloth or using a mild sopa solution only. Detergents, leather feeds and saddle soaps are not suitable for modern domestic upholstery leather. In fact the abrasive quality of these products may damage the surface lacquers of the leather. Aniline leathers should never be cleaned with damp cloths or soap solution. It is virtually impossible to effectively clean aniline leather...prevention is the best cure in this case!
McQuires leather wipes cost about $5, come in a self dispensing bottle and work great on the steering wheel and the leather seats.
those wipes sound like the best bet. i must look inot that for the future
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Opps, I meant Meguiar's Leather Wipes.
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