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i finally got a tC. I Love it. It is my first owned car, i bought it used '05, 35K miles, with ground effects and TRD exhaust already on it. The question is where to go from here? I love cars especially tC's but honestly i don't know much about them. i have been browsing this website and many others to get ideas and this is what i think i am goin to do:
-Lowering springs (TRD most likely)
- What exactly are Sway or Strut Bars?
-Tint (i don't know what is legal/illegal and what %'s would look best?.. i live in PA)
-Carbon Fiber Dash (is this good looking? i know its just an application)
-Sport pedals and shift knob (basics)
-and for audio I don't really know...
What is the premium audio system from pioneer? does it enhance sound quality or just look better with a color screen? any audio system suggestions for any packages would be appreciated... I saw a touch screen at best buy, do they work well? they look fresh...

Any suggestions or comments will help... Thanks

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QUOTE (sterin32 @ Jan 16 2008, 01:44 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=362638
i have been browsing this website and many others to get ideas and this is what i think i am goin to do:[/b]

Anyway, just to make you happy:

-good choice
-there's like a million topics talking about what it does
-google the law
-I wouldnt waste money on it
-up to you
-I would definately get an aftermarket one unless someone is selling the 06+ for dirt

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If you get the 06 radio, keep in mind that the steering wheel controls will require a bunch of custom wiring since the harnesses on the 06 are mixed in with the stock harnesses. Just get an aftermarket unit if you are going to replace the stock one.

Best performance mods, hands down, and the only good performance bang for your buck besides forced induction... listed in order of importance:

1. Tires (I cant stress that one enough)
2. Springs (and struts if you go more aggressive than TRD springs. But with 35k already on the stock ones I would just replace them now with the springs)
3. Sway(s) (any stiffer than the trd rear and you need a set to stiffen the front)

Sways reduce body roll and control oversteer and understeer. Do some searching to learn more and how to chose what you want.

Strut bars do a little, but not a ton, especially with the way our car is built. They tie the towers together. Search there as well.

Other mods
Whatever you like.
LED color swaps for the dash are very popular as are a bunch of other asthetic mods.

Normally, you would have gotten a straight up "search" for an answer, but knowing you are knew to the car, modding and the site, the above should at least give you a place to start and some knowledge of what to look for. There is a ton of info on this site about the car. Welcome.
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