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Best Roads

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I drove the best road I've ever been on today on my way to San Luis Obispo. CA 229 between CA 41 and CA 58. I used to think CA 41 was fun, but after the run today in both directions, all I can say is WOW. What a BLAST!

It's not a high speed road, and it's pretty dangerous because it's narrow with no centerline, so you have to move over for oncoming traffic (but there wasn't any), and there are LOTS of blind turns and crests. It's probably only about 8 miles long, but it's better than the BEST roller coaster you've ever been on!

Speeds range from a low of about 30 to no more than 70 (and that might last 2 seconds before you're braking again.) It's a great workout for the car and driver.

So, who's up for lunch in SLO with a run down 229 in between?

(I hate to say it, but the link works best with IE, not Firefox.)
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hey, scenery is nice, too. sometimes i like to drive at a leisurely pace through pretty stuff.
for a bit of both, the section of 101 from crescent city south, through the avenue of the giants. wow. last time i did it i was on my VFR, i do not think i have ever had a better ride.
lol you should tell that to the mercedes and ferrari that were racing and crashed(ferrari) on pch
driving fast on a road does not make the road fun to drive on. i can drive fast and crash on a side street, doesnt mean the road would make anyone's top ten lists of fun to drive, you know?
straight is boring.

you are talking about THIS.

and i am comparing it to THIS.

which looks more "fun"?
Mulholland Drive? that and laurel canyon dont suck.
I go to Mulholland once in awhile. the roads are a little too small and crazy bikers but it's pretty fun. especially when you could see the ocean from far. it's nice.
Can any help me find near Hollywood because the ones shown here are pretty far for a daily pass
Mulholland Hwy is good.

If you're thinking about the Santa Monica Mountains, there are a lot of good roads (just be careful, they are frequented by the cops).

Tuna Canyon (hard core--your brakes will be seriously faded about halfway down)
Mulholland Hwy by the Rock Store
Yerba Buena (difficult road--better for smaller cars)
Stunt rd
Latigo canyon (very technical road--one of my favorites)
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Nov 25 2006, 01:15 PM
and i am comparing it to THIS.
I've actually been on that. I don't remember the road though. What I remember is getting lost hiking out along some river. Managed to find my way out the next day though.
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hey im down to bring the Z for a nice road trip. i like to go to sant brabra and hit up pismo ont he way anyone else down?
Just moved to the Thousand Oaks area recently and its like paradise. 23 and Mullholland are awesome roads compared to what I had back in Boston. Last sunday before the super bowl it was nothing but bikers, high end euro cars and my tC. Luckily nothing but bikers were going my way so I didn't catch anyone and the only people that caught me could blow by me on the straights.
I hear there are nice canyons around me but I've never been. I guess I better get rollin' once I join the club. 245 club.
Around you? Where? The closest one I know is a little past City Of Industry unless you count Ortega but Ortega seems to be busy at random times of day and night.

And I'd hit these roads at least once with the stock 215s just so you'll appreciate the 245s that much more.
Good plan. Too bad I have a slow leak in the front passenger side and a nail in the driver side rear. I take little back industry roads all the time. I'll appreciate them much, I'm sure.
ok i just recently went to snowshoe mtn in west va for a scion event and i have to admit. there is about 45 minutes to an hour of just incredibly windy roads all with proper banking and plenty of switchbacks. i would like to run it again during the summer when the weather is better. speeds cannot get too exceessive due to the amount of turns but i swear travelling it at 35 was exciteing so i know 55 would be amazing. i wouldnt venture to 75 for fear or flying off the mountain tho. cept for the straight aways which come every now and again. VERY fun

Apparently West Va has more to offer than just doing your sister and not being frown upon for it!
highway 1 in nor cal is an awesome road to drive, bunch of turns, excellent scenery of jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff.
hit mulhulland going up over the hill towards sunset, great series of turns before whats known as "dead man's Curve" (blind corner that turns back on itself HARD, a turnout with a cliff directly in front of you, no gaurdrail)

great to test your braking and cornering.
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highway 1 in nor cal is an awesome road to drive, bunch of turns, excellent scenery of jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff.[/b]
how about that. i am days away from the carmel - socal hwy 1 run. hoping the weather rules, i have every intention of leaving the top down and taking in the coast.
roadster + hwy 1 FTW.
and that is why I miss NorCal. My mom was so lucky to grow up in Seaside/Carmel.
Top down drives FTW. I can't say I can do it ..yet, though. But I have!
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