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I drove the best road I've ever been on today on my way to San Luis Obispo. CA 229 between CA 41 and CA 58. I used to think CA 41 was fun, but after the run today in both directions, all I can say is WOW. What a BLAST!

It's not a high speed road, and it's pretty dangerous because it's narrow with no centerline, so you have to move over for oncoming traffic (but there wasn't any), and there are LOTS of blind turns and crests. It's probably only about 8 miles long, but it's better than the BEST roller coaster you've ever been on!

Speeds range from a low of about 30 to no more than 70 (and that might last 2 seconds before you're braking again.) It's a great workout for the car and driver.

So, who's up for lunch in SLO with a run down 229 in between?

(I hate to say it, but the link works best with IE, not Firefox.)
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you know i am in.
I might be heading down there on Thursday afternoon/evening (Oct. 20). My folks live in Santa Maria, and I've been in SLO more times than I can remember. There's a great place on the Port of San Luis for food. Its called Fat Cats Cafe, its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they've got this great open-faced hamburger with chili poured all over it.

Bring this one back from the dead like a zombie on Halloween.

That stretch of 41/229/58 is fantastic! I drive it once or twice a month since my bf lives in SLO. A family of deer surprised me on a blind turn during my last trip down. I lost control of my car, but no damage. Stupid deer!

229 is sometimes covered in tarantulas. My bf was running 229 a couple weekends ago and they were out. It was after the first rain. The ground was damp and the road were not. We are guessing that they were on the road for warmth. You just have to run them over b/c there are too many.

Fantastic drive! Usually not too many cars and never once have I seen CHP on it.
one of the craziest roads i have ever driven was the back way up to big bear. omg there are so many hair pin turns that u literally have to crawl to make it around some of the corners. its awesome and plus your going up a mountain (or down) its sweet
I've driven Big Bear. It's OK. I'm not a big switchback fan. I prefer turns less than 90 degrees and greater than 60 mph. 229 is just so unbelievably awesome because it isn't a bunch of 180+ turns strung down the side of a steep hill. It's a rollercoaster ride. Up, down, left, right, never too fast, but never slow like so many switchbacks are. A midsize bike (600 class) would be ideal for that road. Maybe even a 500 twin.

We still haven't arranged this trip...nor the trip down 36!
best road i took was in humbolt co. dont remember the name but i remember goin on it at about 50 and having a turn pop up where i had to skid to a stop, then i turned around and did it again but this time went around the turn.
For a virtual drive down 229 (or any other highway in CA): Caltrans Photolog.

To find 229:
1. Click ZoomIn
2. Count up 6 coastal counties from CA's southern border. This is SLO county and its border is straight on top.
3. Drag your mouse over the county to select it.
4. Click Load next to "Show Highways".
5. Click Load next to "Show Photolog Points".
6. Type in "229" next to Query.
7. Click on Query. 229 points will appear in yellow.
(If you want, you can click ZoomIn again and drag over the yellow dots.)
8. Click the Photolog button.
9. Click on either yellow dot and a drop down menu will appear.
10. Select North or South (direction of vehicle). Video will load in upper left hand corner.
11. Select on other yellow dot for more virtual driving.

The process is a pain, but virtual driving is FUN!
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Awesome! I've been checking out Hwy 36...and 229...
splash cafe in SLO is the bomb
Well i have driven in this one is awesome its on Mexico on Baja Cali. called Rumorosa, while you driving you can see some wrecked cars that have falled all the way down scary, so many ppl have died here lotta sharp turns 1 lane each way.

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That DOES look like fun! They call it Rumorosa, but it looks like I'd call it Darwin Gap. Can you find it on Google maps? I smell a serious freaking road trip!
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Oct 21 2006, 07:43 PM
That DOES look like fun! They call it Rumorosa, but it looks like I'd call it Darwin Gap. Can you find it on Google maps? I smell a serious freaking road trip!
Its really close to Cali this is the map I found let me try and get google shots of the road. There is two ways to cross La Rumorosa. The toll road which is 2 lanes one way the other way of the toll takes part in another part of the mountains 2 lanes. aAnd the free road which is more dangerouse is only one road with 1 lane each. When i was draving for TJ to Mexicali you go down the mountain when you return you go up its really really high. Even as i was driving semi's went faster than me lol and some with double cargo!!! i was like WTF there crazy. Cuase there really some sharp turns.

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If that trip ever gets under way, I wanna see if I can tag along. It looks like something I'm going to have to take a little slowly though.

I've looked around a little but I can't find anything around 949. Anyone in OC know a good road I can get some runs on?
Dude I'd like to be in on this SLO run if my schedule works out!

good resource--

Some of my fav roads in so cal:

HWY 243 (Banning to Idyllwild) (one of my absoulte favorites--traffic's not too bad on it either)

HWY 74 from Hemet to Idyllwild (adjacent to 243)

HWY 38 from Redlands to Big Bear (okay, only really about half way--after you pass the East fork of the Santa Ana river it straightens out a bit).

Glendora RIDGE Road (not Glendora Mountain Road like what all the ricers/drifters like) This road is at the top of GMR and goes towards Mt. Baldy.

and of course, Angeles Crest HWY.

Also, I've only driven it once, but HWY 33 out of Ojai is pretty cool too.

Anyway, let us know if this drive in SLO gets underway...I'd like to go for a drive w/ y'all..
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PCH!?... no.
i know what PCH is. It's a nice drive if you are in te scenery. I think lo bux was talkin about the thrill factor of driving on the road. PCH isn't least for me.
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