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Ok I will tell you what I want and then you give me your opinion of what I will need to accomplish this.

I am looking to set up a complete audio/video system. I am getting an audiobahn 7" moinitor to mount in the dash, 2 5"-6" monitors toput in the headreasts. I want to play both dvd's and cd's. I am putting in a custom audiobahn speaker system and would like to hook it up too the monitors as well. I have the 2 12q subs with an A2200HCT 2ch amp and then an A4125HCT 4ch amp that will run 2 6x9 3ways and 2 6 1/2" w/tweeter components. I will also be getting a 12 farad ACAP651N capacitor(<- A little bit of an overkill, but I wanted it to match my amplifires which are the flame series and this is the only model I could find!)

Basically I need to know of a dvd/cd player that will hook up to both the audio and video feeds and/or a reciever that I can hook everything up too. I have never done a full system like this before so I am not sure what all I need to do.

I do not want one of those eclipse AVX2494. I do not have that kind of money right now. Maybe down the road!
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