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Belt or pulley??

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I have the 2007 tc model. When the car is in park but running there is a very small noise coming from either a belt or one of the pulleys. It is very low and almost not noticeable. However, once you put the car in drive, but not driving (foot on brake) the sound is loud and like crickets. But..once you start driving the car..there is no least not from inside the car. Any ideas? I know I will replace the belt but how can I diagnose a pulley?
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I had a similar issue with my 2008 Jeep Commander and I started by replacing the belt however, the noise persisted and then I began to troubleshoot the source of the noise and narrowed it down to what I thought was the Air Conditioning (AC) pully so I replaced the AC pully with no luck, however, the AC pully would stick when I would engage the AC system and the noise would get louder so I changed the AC compressor and the noise went away. So I would recommend checking the AC compressor, try engaging the AC system, and listening for a change in the pitch of the noise. Hope this helps keep us posted.
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