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Being "flashed" by oncoming cars?

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Well, last night I went of a drive up north/west of the city (chicago) out to the boonies to get a feel for my new baby
, in the course of 4 hours or so of driving, about 6 people flashied their brights at me, including one police officer. I'm not sure what's going on here. Our lights are bright, yes, but they have one of the greatest cut-offs I've ever seen, and I didn't have my brights on the entire trip.

Has anyone else experenced this?
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can't say that I have... do you have the stock bulbs?
Yes, everything is stock.
i would just chalk it up to people just being odd...
used to be a courtesy between drivers if one passed a speed trap in the oncoming direction. as a warning to those headed into it. dont know many people who still do that, but i do. possibly one guy left over from the old school?
I haven't had that happen to be before except when there is a speed trap up ahead. Not all areas of Charlotte will flash their lights for a speed trap but they definately do it the northern areas of the county.
i do it... but im not old... the tradition has been passed down.. but i dont know of anyone else my age that does... its dying
I was going to say the same thing, but I can't see a cop warning you about a speed trap. Who knows, maybe it was a cool cop.
flashing your lights means one of two things: 1. Speed trap ahead 2. Turn your brights off
I usually do it to warn others of speed traps, and I've had others do it for me as well. Maybe the cop just liked your car...
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maybe they were just hitting bumps in the road and their headlights bounced up into your eyes, or maybe you hit a bump & they thought you flashed them your brights?
Hm, I am part of the tradition as well... I always flash my brights whenever I see a speed trap.
Man I drive through Carlotte once and a while and your roads up there are crap and all potholes so might just be there lights bouncing up and down.

I still flash my head lights for a couple reasons.
1. Bright lights are turned on
2. Cops ahead
3. Clear to merge (use that for truckers they will thank you for it)

Has anybody noticed those Bright lights don't really extend out far? The reflection off the street signs is so bright I can't turn them on at times.
Maybe its just me but when I originally read the topic of this post I thought you were being flashed by something other than the lights of other people's cars. In my opinion that is a better and much more entertaining thing to be flashed by then other people's lights. Anyways, I have noticed that I get flashed more in this car. Not quite sure what the deal is though.
Speaking of cops. When I first got my car the second day of having it I got pulled over. Cop came up to my window and just looked at a nervous me and was like man what type car is this. I looked up at him and I was like are you freakin serious? Hes like yeah haven't seen one of these yet. I told him what type car it was and that those blue lights scared the #### out of me. He said he was sorry just wanted to see what type car it was and see the interior. That and the lady jumping out of her car and running up to my window to see what type car it was.
Originally posted by OliverThomas@Apr 6 2005, 10:20 AM
about 6 people flashied their brights at me, including one police officer. I'm not sure what's going on here. Our lights are bright, yes, but they have one of the greatest cut-offs I've ever seen, and I didn't have my brights on the entire trip. 

Has anyone else experenced this?
Yes, this has happened to me enough times that I figured out people really think your brights are on. The entrance to my apartment complex is right at the top of a small hill, so when I'm waiting to turn left, my lights shine right in oncoming eyes -- I don't know how many times I've been flashed at that spot!

I always wish I had time to show them what my brights really look like!
-- the best high beams I've ever used!

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Happens to me all the time, but I have silverstars. And yes, temptation is great to show them the real brights.
Sometimes I miss my 110W high beams from my Corolla (aftermarket bulbs)...those things were brighter than HIDs and were great for punishing oncoming cars with their brights on.
It has never happened to me in the tC, ever.
Here in New York State, where practically everything is against the law, flashing your lites to warn another motorist about a speedtrap is, you guessed it, against the law.

When driving to work the other morning, I passed three (3) speedtraps within about 2 miles of each other. I think the local police are having a contest as to who can get the most speeders. Sheesh.
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