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Bazooka Sub.. Change Amp?

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i have the bazooka sub and upgraded speaker package. if i get a petter amp( than the 100 watt it xcame with) will it make my sub sound better, and my speakers? and does anyone know what the upgraded speakers are? what brand?
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You are wasting your time with the stock can't handle any more power....also there is no need to ask this question in 3 different threads
yea, thats what i thought.. is it possible to put a better 10" sub in its spot and then up the amp?
nope, just wasting time with that one I would look as something else for that setup
I believe the stock box is ported ( correct me if im mistaken) and probably not ported well so you couldn't efficently use it. The new sub would sound airy. On top of that I doubt you have very much depth which means that you can't put a decent sub in there. You would be much better off building a sub enclosure on your own to match a new sub. Do fiberglass and follow the mold of the original enlcosure then you can maximize volume
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Heres what my friend did before he totalled his Tc (he has and f150 now)

Replaced the stock bazooka 10" with a JL Audio 10W3v2. Amped it with 250 watts (it can handle 300) and had 65 watts going to components up front and coaxials in the rear (6 1/2's)

Using the stock Tc sub enclosure, (which BTW was designed by bazooka from the ground up..) this was probably one of the finest systems I have ever heard.....and I am audiophile to the hilt. bass extension was clean and tight. I swear anybody who got in that car thought he had a 15 back there. he wasn't even going for volume...just clarity and imaging. ...but this thing was loud. (he was running out of a sony head unit with 4v out.......He later added an old sony Xe744 eq that basicly sh!t canned his voltage (output was less than a volt) and it sounded even better. go figure. He still had to back off the sub. So, it is possible to get some good crack from that enclosure...but I think it takes the right combo of power and woofer......I would like to see someone try a high power free air application in that thing......
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