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Bazooka Install

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Has anyone else had the Bazooka speaker box for the tC installed? I did and the fitment was really bad. It looks like the holes that are pre-drilled into the box itself at the factory were in the wrong spots. It left a huge gap where it should be flush the inner quarter panel/hatch trim. I took it back to Scion and they were like, that's the best it gets.. there's no way a box that is made specifically for THAT car looks this bad. SO...I was just annoyed about that, I went back to work (I work at a car dealership) and decided to take it out myself check it (this is when I discovered the holes were wrong) and measured and redrilled. Much better!! It looks so clean now, I will be sure to take some pics tomorrow in the afternoon when the sun is out. It sounds pretty good.... it would be nice if they made one that can be run to the left side hatch area to make one on the right AND left, would so even better. I just like not having a HUGE box taking up the whole trump. Maybe I will custom make something to fit in the spare tire area eventually... like next summer when Im not in school again. Let me know if anyone else had this problem.... tho your dealer may have noticed the crappy fit and fixed themselves for you. Ah well... atleast it's only my first bad exprience.
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