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b&g suspension?

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i have a tc and this guy is a production manager at b&g supension and the website claims to have been in business for 150 years, the guy claims that they compete with h&r and eibach, he offered me free springs, but its not real r&d, he is just going to attempt to see if other applications fit the tc, he will be working out of a shop, one that i know, but does not offer alignment, or any guarantees on how low it will be, or camber affected because its basically a test, my question to anyone is what would u do and are u guys familiar with b&g suspension? he gave me a card and the website looks legit....said if they dont work hell give me the production ones when they come out....
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Where's he located?
What have they been doing for 150 years? The internal combustion engine wasn't invented until the 1870s and wasn't even available to the general public until around 1900, so I'm curious what they were designing suspensions for in buggies?
Marty you cracked me up on this one

As for the suspension guy with no guarantees - I would not touch him or his springs with a 10 foot pole. If he wants to compete with H&R and Eibach he has to do better than this...
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Sounds a bit shady!!!!

Say he messes it up and ruins everything. He can opt to just walk away and not build it back to where it was. Don't be a cheap skate, go with a liget company.
they are a liegit company, theyre in europe, but i said funk it, this guy wanted to work out of his home garage, i was like who is you?, he gave me no facts or info on what kind of drop it would be, said he didnt know, and that he didnt know what or how anything might be affected, toyotas giving me the trd installed for $100, ima go for that
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