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Axis Reverbs

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I'm almost sure about getting the 18' Axis Reverbs...I don't know much about tires, so what would you recomend on getting with the wheels? My budget for the tires is 600....
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How about linking to the rims so we can know more about them.
Turning your car into a monster truck? Eighteen feet would be some darn huge wheels.


About the 600...if I can get a good tire for less than that, I'll take it! I just don't know how much should I pay for a good tire...Thats why I need the help
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nitto neo-gens are really good and you can get them for about $130 a tire.

or my favorite falken ziex 512s for a little less and they come with a milage warranty
Ziex512s are very nice all-season and cost a bit under $100/tire in 225/40/18.

Toyo Proxes T1R in this size are $150/piece and that's a nice little summer tire right there.
Zoltis. where can i buy those tries at that price? I been to somee websites, but their prices are high!!! lots and lots of people I recommended this place to are happy. I personally had some customer service issues, but turned out it was because of 5zigen messing up, not these guys. They are pretty busy, so you won't be treated as a king, but tire prices and selection is pretty nice.
Hard to beat prices on that site. I can do just a little better locally, but I've also got 7.75% sales tax on top, so it's about even.
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