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autos? help here please!

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i have a special edition fint mica tc, 1 of only 500. i had no choice but auto..(unless i wanted to wait for 6 months, abd it wasent guarenteed) can it be turboed or supercharged? i want it to be fast anyway. i have seen many fast cars that were autos. please help with some mods i can doo or any info.
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sorry... messed up on poll a little....newbe
The TRD super charger will be out by Friday, and there is a secondary kit for adapting the supercharger to slushbox tCs, so yes, there is definitely a forced induction solution for automatics, and it's even factory warranted and can be financed along with the car to boot.

thanks.. if you know of anyhting else please let me know. i know nothing of this. how much do you think installation will be?
I would guess $750 or so to install this at the dealership, based on what they charge for other installations.
Where are you located? Sparks Toyota in Myrtle Beach is doing $380 labor for S/C installation (I am not sure how much more it is for an auto w/auto kit).

i've never heard of a SE flint mica... got any more pics of your car?
It's probably that wacky SE car that came out before the RS1. It just has some flashy door sills...
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