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automatics and shifting

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is there a way to change the rpms that an automatic shifts at? could you make the car shift at higher rpms by tapping into the cars computer or is that not possible?
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u can change the gear ratio to do that

or just keep ur gas pedal down till u want to let it change gear
or just keep it in like L, 2 and stuff
Originally posted by vtecKiller@Nov 12 2005, 11:56 PM
or just keep it in like L, 2 and stuff
No, don't do that!

If you keep the car floored it will shift near the redline.
well, y not?
he wanted it to shift at a certain point
so keepin it in like L till say like 5000, then push it into 2, and so on
Because you are potentially putting unneeded stress on the transmission. Doing that has the potential to cause very high temperatures and that will kill and automatic transmission.
i no its bad, but thats one way to let it shift at a certain point
It would be a horrible way to get it to shift. Just leave it in drive.
If you want to choose the rpm's to shift at... get a manual transmission
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Originally posted by Azrael@Nov 13 2005, 05:01 AM
It would be a horrible way to get it to shift. Just leave it in drive.
If L, D2 and D3 are so horrible for the transmission, why are they even there?
Marketing says they need them.
Engine Braking - go down a huge mountain and try to use the brakes the whole time...
ppl hardly ever use it

well, at least not that i no of
you live in so cal? duh.
If you wanted to shift u shoulda got a 5-SPD
In hilly/mountainous areas (the types where there are truck runaway ramps on the interstate) it can be nice to have 3/2/L.
I've used it before in my old cars... Going through the Poconos or the hills in Vermont.. Much better on the brakes to use engine braking some.
Originally posted by ALaS@Nov 13 2005, 11:24 PM
you live in so cal? duh.
but i live on this big hill, theres a 10min down hill road, not any1 i no really use the 2 on their car
i wish i had got a manual but at the time i had never drove one before so i only knew the concept , i didnt have any practice and i didnt wanna get a manual when i had no experience with them.
The tC isnt bad to learn on if you dont mind killing your clutch life.
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